1. Anonymous said: Any tips on pirouettes?


    Technical tips from head to toe:

    • Spotting is really important! Make sure your neck isn’t too tense- I read somewhere that smiling while you turn relieves tension in your face and neck
    • Shoulders down and back (not too far) so you can stay upright
    • Keep your arms calm but strong— if you fling them your turns will get worse
    • Abs ENGAGED SO HARD make sure you have your best posture possible
    • Butt ENGAGED SO HARD also because rotation is important
    • Knees super straight!
    • Passe not over or under-crossed, well lifted from underneath the leg
    • Make SURE you’re going to your full releve every time you do a pirouette

    Practice tips:

    • Holding retires/passes and balancing in them (on demi)
    • Spotting exercises— sitting in a spinny chair and spotting one thing on the wall
    • Doing extremely controlled half and quarter turns, try to hold the retire/passe and your demi for as long as possible

    Ask your teacher(s) for more specific tips!

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    Découvrez des images exclusives des danseurs David Hallberg et Olga Smirnova dans le making-of de la bande annonce de la saison 2014-2015 du Bolchoï au cinéma.

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    UChicago campus

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    This is a piece of shitty mid-2000s humour that I hope never disappears from the internet

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    That last one, tho….

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    Valentino Ready to Wear F/W 2014.

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    Yuhui Choe and Steven McRae in MacMillan’s Concerto

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    #shes like an an alcoholic elementary school teacher

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    “dutch baroque” i think u mean “a group of people looking at you as if you just personally insulted their mom”




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    i try to take self portraits that can one day be turned into classic paintings.

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  15. American, 1910-29, metal, glass
    French, 19th century, copper gilt
    Norwegian, ca.1873, silver filigree


    19th & 20th century tiaras

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